Elara Banquets, Vasundhara, Ghaziabad

Mob no: +91 9152432130, +91 8410009000


    • An amazing banquet hall, a true visionary step taken by Mr. Ajay Aggarwal.

    • The people who want to do their functions in the Ghaziabad area, this is the best location.

    • Especially, service is excellent! If somebody asks me to give you 10 out of 10, I will give you 10.

    • The best part is parking, it is a double parking. Parking being a big mess in our area, so I think it will score in parking.

    • I think this is best venue over here in Delhi- food quality is very good & ambience is awesome.

    • Location is far better than five- star hotels & ambience is also so great.

    • Be it food, snacks & cocktails, they are marvelous here, plus the charges are reasonably low and everything here is so well organized.

    • I have never seen such banquet in this area or nearby places. They have truly put tremendous efforts in building this place. It has fantastic ambience & amazing decoration. I feel happy to be here.

    • It was a nice experience for me, Elara Banquet is exclusive. I have been to many five- star hotels, this is definitely the one which stands out.

    • It is a very nice experience coming here. The interiors are beautiful, I love the lighting & even the food was nice.

    • Elara means moon - it is a Greek word. There is a moon of Jupiter called Elara & in this area called Vasundhara, a new moon has risen and its ambience is flattering.